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The Ultimate Good News

As we look around us, there is a lot of good to celebrate.  In Muskegon we have beautiful beaches, sunsets, festivals that bring people together, great schools that inspire our students, and so much more.  However, we also see brokenness, pain, struggle, pollution, crime, hate, and loneliness.  For many, this can lead to misery and hopelessness. But there is good news!


The Bible tells us of a Good God, who made everything beautiful, wonderful, and life-giving.  And He made you and me to enjoy this goodness with Him and others in harmony.  However, humanity deviated from God’s good, life-giving design to create their own world apart from Him. When this happened, brokenness, death, disease, pollution, and all things that stain the world multiplied.  Rather than leaving us in our mess and misery, Jesus came into our world, died, and rose again to defeat sin, death, and evil, in order to redeem, heal, and restore all things, including us, making all things new.  He now invites all of us to receive this good news by faith, letting Him redeem, heal, and restore our lives, as well as joining Him in being good news to those around us.  Someday, He will return to finish the work of making all things new, where heaven and earth will be one, and those who have received this good news will experience all of God’s goodness together with Him forever.


Until then, Jesus calls us to anticipate this future by demonstrating and sharing this Good News with others. This is what the Good News Crew ultimately aims to do.

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